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Forecasting shows that the development in area of service providing concerning the preparation and implementation of projects connected with investment is and will be very dynamic also in next years.


Automatization of all industrial companies

Design of projects completely in 3D including all connections to manufacturing process, logistics and especially solution of links and sequence relating to management and control of whole system, namely whole life cycle of production plant, factory or system including its control and monitoring (life cycle)

Usage of BIM system

Usage of CADMATIC 3D system including its perifpheries, i.e. from complete design of building solution, technology, MEP, PID, Manufacturing drawings, BOQ

Results of design services with usage of CADMATIC software must be put on also into the new production plant or unit. Outputs from these systems (PID + BOQ) are necessary to use very efficiently during management, control, maintainance and perfomed renovations during its whole life cycle.


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