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60 Years of designing and engineering


The decisive importance for formation and next development of designing and engineering activities in the area of industry concerning the processing of technical rubber, plastics, thermosets and technical fabrics had foundation of rubber factory of company Baťa in Zlín early in 30th years of last century. Presently the rubber products, tires, technical rubber under mark BARUM (Baťa – Rubena – Matador) are manufactured in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Together with production in Zlin also the nessacary research and design workplaces were already developed before y. 1939. These were placed into "organization department of ruber factories" in 50th years of last century. Subsequently VÚGT and VÚVPH were found here and VÚGPT – Research Institute of Rubber and Plastics Technology was found by their consolidation. At that time the production plants were localized in Bohemia in ČZG Náchod, in Moravia then rubber factories under the company Rudý říjen Otrokovice, plastics factories under Fatra Napajedla. Whole complex subsequently found VHJ ČZGP – Czech Factories Rubber and Plastics. Its head office, and also VÚGPT, was situated in Svit premises in Gottwaldov.

Consolidation took up the actual work of designers’ group within VÚGPT and 1. 1. 1957 SPS (design centre) began its activity. The centre expanded quickly into the multi-professional organization capable of complex design activity and soon it included also own realization branch for build-up of new plants GŘ ČZGP and VÚGPT in Louky. In SPS there were proceeded except the plants ČZGP also projects for some Slovak plants and in number of cases abroad, too.


1. 5. 1957 – Foundation of project centre in the Research Institute of Rubber and Plastics Technology (VÚGPT) by the issue of organization rules

1. 1. 1966 – Design-engineering office (PIK) Gottwaldov – purpose plant of professional plant Czechoslovak plants of rubber and plastics technology in Gottwaldov

1. 1. 1969 – PIK – design, engineering and consultancy organization Gottwaldov – purpose economic organization, subordinated to the general head office of Czech plants rubber and plastics in Gottwaldov

1. 7. 1976 – Barumprojekt – designing and engineering organization Gottwaldov – change of the name

During year 1955 the activity of PIK was extended realization section. Its scope was control, coordination and checking of significant projects of VHJ. At the beginning the section ensured mainly the build-up of NPO project – New tires factory in Otrokovice, after y. 1970 then PKH – New plants of Barex production – Plastic leather hygienic in Chropyně. Branch realization centres of PIK were found also in Osinek Kostelec nad Orlicí and in plant Plastika Nitra.
Barumprojekt subsequently continued to its activity according to VHJ requirements, especially as a general designer of projects for ČZGP and also some other chosen Slovak plants within Slovchemie. The designing became the main activity. At the beginning of SPS activity the documentation was prepared for plants within ČZGP, especially for Rubena Náchod, Vulkan Hrádek nad Nisou and Osinek in Kostelec nad Orlicí. The cooperation on project documentation and preparation of NPO structure of company Barum – Rudý říjen Otrokovice also continued, in Slovakia for G1M Púchov, Matador Bratislava and Plastika Nitra, abroad e.g. designs of plants for processing of technical rubber for Egypt, Irak and Barma, further project documentation for implementation of new production in plastics plants Technoplast Chropyně (action PKH), Gumotex Břeclav (Block PUR), Granitol Moravský Beroun (Mikroten). In rubber industry there were subsequently elaborated design services for extension of production in Gumárny Zubří, Optimit Odry with structure of new production site of hoses, and renovation of Kordárna Velká nad Veličkou.
Next new activity for Barumprojekt was establishment of export division of investment units (VIC). This consolidated the leading of earlier isolated workplaces within VHJ. Designing of foreign projects in cooperation with appropriate PZO (foreign trade enterprise) had multiyear tradition during existing of company. VIC group cooperated especially on build-up or tire factories Thaton – Barma and Petlas in Turkey.



It is the one of the oldest rubber factories. It was already found in y. 1905. During our cooperation the number of renovation projects was designed. Large structures – Finishing of plant Matador I. and II. phase included new complex of production of smooth hoses including new warehouses of raw material, 2. mixing room and warehouses of final products, further new workshops of technical research and works of mechanical workshop.


Structure of new large hall of production of wetted rubber incl. modern disposal site of latex with rail trail and next operation and storage objects. At that time the new hall was structure unique with its span l = 48 m and double-sided annexes for auxiliary, social and energetic plant.


One of the first Czech rubber factories (once it belonged to company Kudrnáč), Rubena (Rubber Náchod) with production programme of mainly moulded technical rubber, tires, with branches in Hronov and Rudník. At this plant, initially of textile industry, there was designed reconstruction for new rubber plants. The project New production of moulded rubber from special rubber was prepared.


It is the oldest one from Czech factories, found already in 19th century. The biggest part in other development had the design of new complex for production of hoses (NOHA) at the turn of the 1960s and the 1970s. The relaying of highway and river also occurred for needs of new areas. Then the large two-storeyed hall with modern structure and energetic centre were realized.


In the 1950s in Břeclas as well as Chropyně the sequential reconstruction of sugar factory to the company of rubber and later plastics production occurred. Our cooperation began in y. 1958 by reconstruction of boiler room and railway siding. The reconstruction and extension of new workshops were designed. It was production of foam rubber including disposal site of latex, production of inflatable products, toys, warehouses and auxiliary operations. Further the building of large monobloc of production Block PUR and block of Production of safety panels from PUR foam.


Original rubber plant of Baťa company, found already in 30th years of 20th century in company in Zlín. Production assortment included rubber floorings, cycle tires and tire tubes, reclaim, car tires, conveyor belts and vee-belts. After the war the production of tires was extended in areas of passenger, tractor, motorbike tires and tire-tubes, further the small technical rubber, sealings and acu-cases were added. Separated plants Kordárna Velká nad Veličkou, Gumárny Zubří, Optimit Odry and also small production plants in Brno were temporarily incorporated at that time. At that time the cooperation with project centre VÚGPT started, especially on preparation and designs of new plants in Otrokovice. Feasibily studie and basic design of technology were prepared in cooperation with Rezinoprojekt Jaroslavl, it according to supporting documents of Dunlop and King companies and also Bridge – Shaw designed tire factory Dněpropetrovsk, which however was not realized. The building part of large new action in Otrokovice was firstly solved in cooperation with Cheming Pardubice, later we continued in other activity separately. The result of difficult build-up has been fully new plant including all needed peripheries from y. 1972. The significant part is the main production monobloc with all necessary technological, energetic, storage, subsidiary, sanitary and administrative sections. Also presenty in this way conceived monobloc is the main part of expressively extended premises and also the seat of company Continental Barum in Otrokovice. The new tire factory Otrokovice was designed according to modern principles of that time and by usage of zoning system. It was very modern method for design of production units, which are not possible to effectively extend. In this way designed plant is necessary to take as an independent production unit.


The plant found in northern industrial zone near Labe in the suburbs. From essential part it was built from the 1960s with relatively consequently zoning system. The main part is today several production blocks with middle range halls with annexes. Production in particular block is structured according to severity and size of products (rubberizing of vessels - sealing).


The plant essentially came from interwar period, but substantial extension and stabilization occurred in the 1960s. At the beginning also the territorial range with appropriate reserves and favourable placing out of the main part of the village near the national road and railway suited. Gumárny Zubří produces the technical rubber.


It was originally a textile plant built from the 1950s on the greenland. The cooperation on preparation and realization of next build-up in connection with implementation of production of cord fabrics was begun after SPS foundation, firstly by finishsing of building of large first hall, further subsequently actions PA Cords III and IV solving the production of polyamid cords for production of tires and conveyor-belts (in other plants of VHJ). Next projects subsequently solved the designs and implementation of lines (tire cord treating units for finishing of cord fabrics and conveyor belt fabrics).


In older unused premise in the suburbs of small village not so far Nymburk there were subsequently implemented new manufacturing technologies based on asbestos in 50th and 60th years of last century. They were: asbestos-textile production, asbestos-metal (industrial sealing) and asbestos boards – asbestos board and high-pressure boards (IT, Jerit) and also selected friction material. In the 1980s there were subsequently realized projects, which solved the production of sealing based on asbestos-free friction material.


Osinek was found from original tannery in the Jirchářská street and upper – shoemaker plant. By implementation of asbestos production at lower area the premises of GO belts, preparation of raw rubber (crepes), subsequently production of asbestos friction material (brake and clutch lining) and textile production arose.


Originally smaller production premise near by cancelled railway station was subsequently extended into the modern manufacturing plastics company. The programme is mainly oriented on plastic wraps, plastic-paper hangingns, hoses, dairy foils and bands. As the significant new capacity was designed and realized the structure Mikroten, production of large packing foils, especially for food and consumer industry.


Original branches of company Baťa at the beginning of rubber character at the favourable location at the main road, railway line and with sufficient territorial reserve made possible the other development especially of plastics technologies. Subsequently there were designed actions New production of shrink sheets, Extension of production of PVC floorings, Extension of production of PVB sheets and waterproofing sheets.


They were focused on production of basic chemical raw material and components. Preparation and project documentation of Production of plastics was intended for new production of profiles and perspectively also for assembling of plastic windows. The structure was successfully put into operation early in the 1990s.


The company was found in years 1933 – 1934 with production programme focused on production of tires and tire-tubes for cars, motorbike and also bicycle tires. During the war the company started to rubberize the metal parts for arms industry. In the 1950s the bicycle production was delimitated into the Rubena Náchod and motor-car tires to Zlín. The company oriented on truck tires, tires for middle-heavy and heavy, for agricultural and construction machines, later also giant and aircraft tires. Our cooperation is dated from end of the 1950s with design and reconstruction, project documentation Extension of tires factory, Build-up of tread capacity, Extension of mixing room, Warehouses and Company canteen. At the same time the research, evaluation of situation and were carried out and the possibility of development was verified by studies. Large next phase of cooperation started after fire of existing mixing room in y. 1985. It was prepared summary solution and subsequently the project documentation of new production and warehouses, workshops, sanitary facilities and auxiliary plants.


From the 1950s the reconstruction, replacement and repair of unsatisfactory plants and completion of capacity of energetics and water service. Larger project works required for PD Extension of rolling mill, build-up of warehouses and auxiliary plants, further then PD Extension of boiler room and design of Intesification of extruded rubber, put into operation at the end of the 1980s. The production programme is technical rubber.


From y. 1960 it was realized as a new plant on the greenland in the suburbs. Subsequently it spread into the larger complex with dominant build-up area of hall production blocks, with machinery, auxiliary plants, energetic, water service, warehouses of raw material and final products. Company is concerned with manufacture of plastic products.


The factory was built as a complex subsequently from y. 1950. The production of solid tires, warehouse of final products, mixing room, production of breeze-block and hall of conveyor-belts were among the first projects. In the next years design of intensification of production, PD Reconstruction of production of passenger tires, Production of rigid rubber wheels, Inovation of production of truck radial tires, Production of passanger radial tires, Steel-cord conveyor belts and others. The cooperation was connected also with subsequent build-up of own research and development works and also input area, administrative buildings including accessories. Present name of this rubber factory is Continental Matador Rubber. This company producing passangers tires, truck tires and conveyor belts belongs to the biggest manufacturing plants in the world.


In y. 1970 it was decided to place new programme from the field of production of the technical rubber into do small plant in the central Slovakia. Our cooperation started with researches and variant designs of necessary adjustment of area and existing plants. The relaying of the river, originally flowing near by the old plants, was designed and realized to be fully realized this large investment without appropriation of agricultural land. Structure Technical rubber I. and II. phase was subsequently realized despite the big demands, especially during the foundation of new large objects and successfully put into operation up to beginning of the 1990s.


Analogous to Gumotex the company started the activity by adjustment and subsequent reconstruction of the areas of original sugar factory in postwar years. Other new capacity of production, energy resources, waste incineration plant, as well as other plants control, support and social were realized with reconstructions, though mainly with new build-up on free areas in the 1960s and in the 1970s. The main scope of production programme was PVC processing in the fields of artificial leather, boards, rolled foils, waste treatment, biaxially oriented PET foils and flooring up to width 2.0 m. One of the largest projects, subsequently designed and realized from the end of the 1960s, by our organization was Production of Czechoslovak poromeric leather Barex, i.e. PKH – Plastic leather hygienic.


In y. 1980 the cooperation for preparation on the project Petlas in Turkey was started with company Technoexport Praha and with general supplier Chepos Brno. Know-how was provided by company Rudý říjen (Barum) Otrokovice and G1M Púchov. The documentation for building permit and documentation for implementation of the project (detail design) in years 1981 – 83 was prepared for this project, then the implementation of the project followed in years 1983 – 90. Location of the factory – 190 km from Ankara in the central Turkey on table-land with altitude 1120 m. The building part of detail design was prepared in cooperation with Turkish company Boral from Istanbul. Subsequently the project supervising was ensured in all phases of realization. Production facilities for tires factory were supplied from Czechoslovakia and also from Germany and France. Preparation and realization of the project were carried out on the basis of experience gained during realized project in Czechoslovakia and abroad. The goal of this solution was to design the modern production unit on the greenland with usage, at that time, of all high technologies. Further, the ensuring of all technological links and systems including optimal solution of flow of raw material, semifinished products and tires in whole factory. Also the design of sanitary facilities, kitchen and canteen in connection with the movement of staff in the area of the factory.


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